What Does Your Carrier Say About You? (Maybe)

There are 4 main types of carriers used in babywearing, and though many caregivers hop around and use different carriers to suit their needs at a given time, some wearers are dedicated to one type.  This piece surmises that such dedication says something about the wearee as a person.  What do you think?



The Soft Structured Carrier user is all about utility and practicality. Clip, scoot, snap and mommy and baby are ready to go. No muss no fuss no coconuts…wait, what? Sure your carrier still has a bit of style, but it is mostly about function.


The Ring Slinger:

The sassy slinger is still practical (I mean how much more practical an you get than one carrier from birth to toddlerhood with a built in nursing cover/burp rag?) but she likes the finer things. She likes that her carrier can fit in a tightly rolled wad the size of a water bottle in her diaper bag. She likes the ability to shift her rings, tilt baby into a cradle hold, feed baby and then sit them back up to burp nearly seamlessly! And she loves the closeness of baby, with only one layer of fabric around them both. All that utility, just like and SSC, but no matter how pretty the panel on an SSC is, its never going to be as pretty as designer fabric or a woven wrap converted into a sling, with colorful metallic rings attached.


The Mei Tai Maven:

The standard MT owner is a kindred spirit with our SSC lover, but he or she wants MORE. More adjustability, more support, more ways to tie off! A standard mei tai like a Babyhawk or and Infantino Sash gives all the ease of carry that and SSC does, and, in trade for an extra moment of time gives the wearer a nearly infinite bank of adjustability options to customize the fit to wearer and wearee! As if that wasn’t MORE enough, there are custom made Mei tai’s available where you can get longer, shorter and more padded straps, different kinds of hoods and pockets and all sorts of other options!


The Wrapper:

There is no way to classify the wrapper. They are as diverse and ever changing as the lengths, widths, colors, thicknesses and fiber contents of their pretty carriers. Add to that an ever growing repertoire of ways to carries and tie offs and you have too many variables to make too much of a guess from. What you can say is that those who become dedicated wrappers have patience and determination. They have to to make it through the steep learning curve at the beginning! They also have some amount of style, whether they know it or not. Pretty fabric and cute babies are the best fashion accessories ever (especially when you have spit up in your hair most days).


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little bit of fun. Obviously no one can tell anything about you from you carrier except maybe your favorite color. Writing this blog makes me happy and I thought I’d try a bit of satire, next time, I promise a serious and long winded discussion on the different fibers used in babywearing fabric.



Happy 3rd Birthday, BWI Fayetteville!

Hello Babywearers! On Monday, January 19th our chapter celebrates it’s third birthday, and we’re hoping that this will be the year that BWI Fayetteville really finds it’s stride in the community. We have spent the past few weeks scrutinizing, restructuring and organizing the ways we run things behind the scenes so that we can better serve the Fayetteville and Ft Bragg areas. It honestly feels like we just did some much needed spring cleaning. As we cleaned up, we got a bit nostalgic though, and decided to give you a walk through our memory books, to show you why BWI is so special to this group of VBEs.


Jess and Bre at one of their first, in home meetings for Fayetteville Babywearing Group.

It all started with 2 fabulous mommies, each with their own stash of carriers and a desire to “share the love” with others. Jess Lanham and Bre Kerr held their first babywearing meeting on August 17, 2011, with only their personal carriers in a living room. While both women knew that the need for this service existed, they were both shocked by the thirty person turnout at that first meeting. With that kind of debut, they were destined for great things. Bre taught anyone who wanted to wrap and Jess helped others with soft structured carriers. The meetings were getting busy and finding places to hold them was getting harder.


An early meeting at bumbleDoo (then Sweetbottoms)

By the beginning of 2012, Malia Allen of bumbleDoo, the baby store downtown on Hay Street, had petitioned for a BWI chapter, which was chartered on Jan 19, 2012. For a few months, both groups operated separately, each cultivating its own library and helping members. It didn’t take long for the two groups to amicably merge into the tour de force babywearing community that exists now in this small town.   Meetings hopped around and more leaders were trained. As happens in a military town, volunteers left and new ones had to be trained.Babywearing at the Botanical Gardens

The Toms Day Without Shoes at Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, one of the first events held after the two groups joined.

So, now that you know a little bit about our history, come and be part of our future! Come to a meeting, meet other mamas, try on some carriers and foster a closer bond between you and your baby. Once you get to know us a bit you can think about volunteering with us!

International Babywearing Week


The theme for International Babywearing Week this year is Share the Adventure.  Babywearing International of Fayetteville has planned many fun adventures to participate in throughout the week.  All of our events will also be posted on our Facebook page and are family friendly.

We will be having a drawing at our final event of the week, the potluck on Saturday.  For each event that you attend during the week, you will receive one ticket to be entered into the drawing.  You may also earn extra tickets for the drawing by brining nonperishable food items to the events that will be donated by our chapter to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

You do not have to be a member of BWI Fayetteville to attend events, everyone is welcome to attend any of the events.  If you are interested in membership, email us at fayetteville@babywearinginternational.org or talk to one of our educators at any of our events.

Sunday October 5- Virtual Kick-Off

We will start the week off by discussing different babywearing topics and sharing some of our favorite babywearing photos in our Facebook chatter group.  If you are not a member of that group and would like to be, please message us on our Facebook page to get the link.  These discussions will take place throughout the day, so check in when you can and share in our discussions.

Monday October 6- Central and North Coffee Meet-ups 10:00am

Our central Coffee Meet-up will be at the Target Starbucks on Skibo at 10am.  Our north coffee meet-up will be at The Coffee Scene in Linden Oaks.  Stop by whichever location is closest to you, have some coffee and chat with fellow Babywearers.

Tuesday October 7- Gillis Hill Farm 9:15am

We will be meeting at Gillis Hill Farm at 9:15am.  During this event we will get a tour, go on a wagon ride, see the baby animal show.  The cost of this event is $8 per person ages 2 & up.

Tuesday October 7- Babywearing Self Defense & Toddler Dance Party 1:00pm

This event will take place at Elev8 in downtown Fayetteville.  While the mamas are learning to protect themselves while babywearing, the toddler will be participating in a dance party.

Wednesday October 8- West Produce Pumpkin Patch 10:00am

Come and play, check out the animals, pick out a pumpkin.

Thursday October 9- Honeycutt Park Alumni Picnic 11:00am

Pack a picnic and meet at Honeycutt Park at 11am.  This is an awesome opportunity to unite the new and currently babywearing members with our alumni members who have children that have grown.

Thursday October 9- Clark Park Mini Babywearing Photo Sessions

These photo sessions will be done by appointment only from 3-5pm at Clark Park.  A 30 minute session will cost $30 (cash or PayPal) resulting in one disc with 10-15 edited images.  Photography will be done by Miss Jamie Dee & Memories Made by Jess.  To schedule your appointment email us at fayetteville@babywearinginternational.org.

Friday October 10- Lending Library Meeting at Cliffdale Library 10:00am

This is our regularly scheduled meeting.  It will be at Cliffdale Library at 10am.  Come and get help with different carriers and borrow from the library if you are a member.  This is the only event this week where we will have the lending library.

Friday October 10- Clark Park Mini Babywearing Photo Sessions

These photo sessions will be done by appointment only from 3-6pm at Clark Park.  A 30 minute session will cost $30 (cash or PayPal) resulting in one disc with 10-15 edited images.  Photography will be done by Miss Jamie Dee & Memories by Jess.  To schedule your appointment email us at fayetteville@babywearinginternational.org.

Saturday October 11- Honeycutt Park Potluck & Drawing 11:00am

This is our final event for the week.  Join us for a Potluck lunch at Honeycutt Park at 11am.  A sign-up sheet will be posted in our Facebook group.  We will also be doing our drawing at this time, winners do not have to be present.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the events.  If you have never been to an event before, this is a perfect opportunity to join us!



Welcome to Babywearing International of Fayetteville

We’re delighted that you found us!  Please take some time to look through our site, find out who we are and what we do. Visit our facebook page to find out when our next meeting is. Come join us for hands-on instruction, a chance to play with and borrow from our lending library, and to participate in a great community of babywearers!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at fayetteville@babywearinginternational.org.

Like us on Facebook for meeting information – http://www.facebook.com/bwifayetteville

Our community – http://www.facebook.com/groups/219003194885781/


Photo courtesy of Angela Roper Photography