About Us

About Babywearing International of Fayetteville

Babywearing International of Fayetteville is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and dedicated to helping parents wear their babies safely and comfortably.  Our mission is to provide safe babywearing educational opportunities and a sense of community to babywearers of all experience levels in central North Carolina, including Fayetteville, Ft. Bragg, Spring Lake and surrounding areas.

We hold two meetings per month, plus occasional Babywearing 101 and Advanced Babywearing classes, and other just-for-fun outings. All meeting spaces are baby and toddler friendly and everyone is welcome to our meetings, including daddies, grandparents, babysitters, pregnant women, older children and friends. You do not have to be a member to attend.

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Learn more about our parent organization, Babywearing International at http://babywearinginternational.com/

Meet the Educators

BWI Fayetteville is led by devoted Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs).  In addition to having passed a practical and written exam held by Babywearing International, we are passionate about babywearing, safety, and helping others use the same tools that helped us.

Breanne has been wearing her babies for over three years. She was a volunteer with Babywearing San Diego before moving to Fort Bragg two years ago. She is passionate about helping moms learn the secrets of babywearing to help make everyone’s life easier and more cuddly!

Melissa‘s love for babywearing started in 2007 with the birth of her son and it became an essential part of their lives when, after he had surgery at 3.5 mos old, she decided to relactate. Babywearing enabled them to have near constant skin-to-skin contact and allowed them to build a breastfeeding relationship. Her love for babywearing continued with the birth of her daughter.


Dauphine says babywearing has truly enriched her life and her bond with her daughter. She has worked with and studied children since 1996 when she completed her degree in Child and Family Development. In addition, Dauphine hold a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with an emphasis in pediatrics. She also teaches prenatal, postnatal, and mother baby yoga classes and workshops in the community. Her first carrier was a soft structured carrier and ended up wanting to learn more about various carriers and good ergonomics for both baby and mother.