Resources for Babywearing

Resources for Babywearing

Tutorials are at the top of the page ~ Do-It-Yourself info towards the bottom

These videos and tutorials are not intended to be your primary form of babywearing instruction.  However, if you’re a new babywearer who needs a refresher on a new carry you learned recently, or if you’re an experienced babywearer looking for new carries, we hope that these resources help.

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The new recommendation is for newborns to be worn “legs out” of a carrier, but still curled up in a developmentally correct position.  Basically, you want your baby to be in the same position when you’re wearing them as they are when you’re holding them on your chest.  Here’s a great illustration and discussion of a newborn’s positioning.

a newborn being worn “legs out”

Resources for specific carries


How to put on a pod –


Tandem wrapping Ruck Tied Tibetan/Front Cross Carry (RTT/FCC)–k

Double Hammock Tied at Side (DHTAS) –

Forward Cross Carry Tied at Side  (FWCCTAS)

Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (DRSTS) – not in English – video ~ photos

Wiggleproof Back Carry –

Short Back Cross Carry (SBCC) –

Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC) –

Rebozo/Slip Knot –

Resources for Wrapping

Thread that breaks down wrap size/carries –*revised-wording*

What can you do with a size X? links to photo references in first post –

Thread discussing different types of chest belts –

How to do every chestbelt ever (better for advanced wearers) –

Do It Yourself – this site has a wealth of information and great instructions for ring slings, pouches, mei teis, and pods – although you need a free membership to access this site, there’s a forum devoted to DIY tips, tricks, and safety information