There are 4 main types of carriers used in babywearing, and though many caregivers hop around and use different carriers to suit their needs at a given time, some wearers are dedicated to one type.  This piece surmises that such dedication says something about the wearee as a person.  What do you think?



The Soft Structured Carrier user is all about utility and practicality. Clip, scoot, snap and mommy and baby are ready to go. No muss no fuss no coconuts…wait, what? Sure your carrier still has a bit of style, but it is mostly about function.


The Ring Slinger:

The sassy slinger is still practical (I mean how much more practical an you get than one carrier from birth to toddlerhood with a built in nursing cover/burp rag?) but she likes the finer things. She likes that her carrier can fit in a tightly rolled wad the size of a water bottle in her diaper bag. She likes the ability to shift her rings, tilt baby into a cradle hold, feed baby and then sit them back up to burp nearly seamlessly! And she loves the closeness of baby, with only one layer of fabric around them both. All that utility, just like and SSC, but no matter how pretty the panel on an SSC is, its never going to be as pretty as designer fabric or a woven wrap converted into a sling, with colorful metallic rings attached.


The Meh Dai Maven:

The standard MD owner is a kindred spirit with our SSC lover, but he or she wants MORE. More adjustability, more support, more ways to tie off! A standard meh dai like a Babyhawk or an Infantino Sash gives all the ease of carry that and SSC does, and, in trade for an extra moment of time gives the wearer a nearly infinite bank of adjustability options to customize the fit to wearer and wearee! As if that wasn’t MORE enough, there are custom made meh dai’s available where you can get longer, shorter and more padded straps, different kinds of hoods and pockets and all sorts of other options!


The Wrapper:

There is no way to classify the wrapper. They are as diverse and ever changing as the lengths, widths, colors, thicknesses and fiber contents of their pretty carriers. Add to that an ever growing repertoire of ways to carries and tie offs and you have too many variables to make too much of a guess from. What you can say is that those who become dedicated wrappers have patience and determination. They have to to make it through the steep learning curve at the beginning! They also have some amount of style, whether they know it or not. Pretty fabric and cute babies are the best fashion accessories ever (especially when you have spit up in your hair most days).


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little bit of fun. Obviously no one can tell anything about you from you carrier except maybe your favorite color. Writing this blog makes me happy and I thought I’d try a bit of satire, next time, I promise a serious and long winded discussion on the different fibers used in babywearing fabric.