Hello Babywearers! On Monday, January 19th our chapter celebrates it’s third birthday, and we’re hoping that this will be the year that BWI Fayetteville really finds it’s stride in the community. We have spent the past few weeks scrutinizing, restructuring and organizing the ways we run things behind the scenes so that we can better serve the Fayetteville and Ft Bragg areas. It honestly feels like we just did some much needed spring cleaning. As we cleaned up, we got a bit nostalgic though, and decided to give you a walk through our memory books, to show you why BWI is so special to this group of VBEs.


Jess and Bre at one of their first, in home meetings for Fayetteville Babywearing Group.

It all started with 2 fabulous mommies, each with their own stash of carriers and a desire to “share the love” with others. Jess Lanham and Bre Kerr held their first babywearing meeting on August 17, 2011, with only their personal carriers in a living room. While both women knew that the need for this service existed, they were both shocked by the thirty person turnout at that first meeting. With that kind of debut, they were destined for great things. Bre taught anyone who wanted to wrap and Jess helped others with soft structured carriers. The meetings were getting busy and finding places to hold them was getting harder.


An early meeting at bumbleDoo (then Sweetbottoms)

By the beginning of 2012, Malia Allen of bumbleDoo, the baby store downtown on Hay Street, had petitioned for a BWI chapter, which was chartered on Jan 19, 2012. For a few months, both groups operated separately, each cultivating its own library and helping members. It didn’t take long for the two groups to amicably merge into the tour de force babywearing community that exists now in this small town.   Meetings hopped around and more leaders were trained. As happens in a military town, volunteers left and new ones had to be trained.Babywearing at the Botanical Gardens

The Toms Day Without Shoes at Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, one of the first events held after the two groups joined.

So, now that you know a little bit about our history, come and be part of our future! Come to a meeting, meet other mamas, try on some carriers and foster a closer bond between you and your baby. Once you get to know us a bit you can think about volunteering with us!